Sandra George O’Neil

Title: Community obstacles to large scale solar: NIMBY and renewables


Dr. O'Neil’s recent research and teaching focuses on climate justice, studying specifically the unjust burden of climate crisis on the most vulnerable and least culpable populations.  This interest stemmed from her previous research on environmental justice, the unjust burden of hazardous waste, and in particular Superfund sites, on poor communities and communities of color.? Dr. O’Neil has worked with communities to understand toxics and health, as well as renewable development projects.  Dr. O’Neil has experience in both quantitative and qualitative methods.  Her past quantitative research included the use of advanced statistical modeling, using census and environmental data, event history analysis; while her qualitative research projects have involved community action around health and toxics as well as renewable development projects. As part of her graduate work, Dr O’Neil passed proficiency exams in social movements, environmental sociology, and research methods.  She teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate level in Sociology and Criminal Justice.? Areas of academic interest include: climate justice, environmental justice and environmental crime, methods in social research and data analysis.

Research Interest

Solar Energy, Renewable Energy

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