Enrique Corona Barrera

Title: Isolation of intestinal spirochaetes Brachyspira spp., (enteropathogen for various animal host and human) from faeces samples sent to public hospitals in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, México


Enrique Corona-Barrera has a veterinary medicine degree and postgraduate studies on epidemiology and microbiology. He has been working on intestinal spirochaetes for which he has done work on pigs, chickens, dogs and more recently on human intestinal spirocheatosis as he got a concern on public health issues. His research has helped to have a better picture of Brachyspira in Mexico as he has carried out epidemiological studies on the various host affected by Brachyspira. The work done on intestinal spirochaetes in Mexico has been addressed using bacteriological isolation and molecular techniques approaches on samples collected in farms and hospitals. The Brachyspira public health issue has not been well understood. My research interest is focused on pig enteropathogens by applying epidemiological and microbiological methodologies for understanding infectious diseases of pigs, particularly those that affect the intestinal tract. Also interested in zoo noses for which intestinal spirochaetes are of my concern.

Research Interest

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