Carrero González Carmen María

Title: Plasma zinc levels in eutrophic schoolchildren


Carmen Maria Carrero Gonzalez, has been a researcher in child nutrition with high experience in nutritional treatment for children in malnutrition, director for many years in nutritional recovery centers of Venezuela, indicating Zinc as a supplement to restore appetite in children as well as to improve their system Immunologist, currently continues his research on the levels of zinc in school children in Colombia, below some of his recent research on Zinc in human milk and in supplementation to malnourished children. Concentrations of the trace elements copper and zinc in breast milk,  cow's milk and goat. Rev Cubana Pediatr vol.92 no.2 City of Havana Apr.-Jun. 2020 Epub Apr 15, 2020.Serum zinc in schoolchildren. Rev Cubana Pediatr vol.92 no.1 City of Havana Jan.-Mar. 2020 Epub 28-Feb-2020.Effect of Vitamin A, Zinc and Multivitamin Supplementation on the Nutritional Status and Retinol Serum Values ??in School-Age Children. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2018.748–758. doi: 10.1007 / 978-3-319-93803-5_70url to share this and zinc levels in different stages of breast milk and the influence of the nutritional status of nursing mothers. Rev. chil. nutr. vol.46 no.5 Santiago oct. 2019. Among others studies.

Research Interest

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