Pregnancy and childbirth

Pregnancy and birth are as conventional and uncommon as breathing, considering or cherishing and both approach a person's imagination, adaptability, continuance and diversion. It is typical for your solid, developing baby to move as often as possible. You will for the most part feel your infant's first developments following 20 weeks for your first pregnancy or four months for pregnancies after that. Fetal developments will generally turn out to be more standard following 24 weeks.


Pregnancy, otherwise called incubation, is the time amid which is at least one posterity creates inside a lady. A numerous pregnancy includes in excess of one posterity, for example, with twins. Pregnancy can happen by sex or helped conceptive innovation. Labor ordinarily happens around 40 weeks from the last menstrual period (LMP). This is a little more than nine months, where every month midpoints 29½ days. At the point when estimated from origination it is around 38 weeks.

·         Pregnacy

·         Childbirth

·         Breast Feeding

·         Complications during delivery


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