Pediatric Intensive Care

Untimely birth or premature birth difficulties can shift between untimely children and some are more genuine than others. Preterm birth entanglements are the main source of death among kids under 5 years old, in charge of almost 1 million passings in 2013. Neonatal revival abilities are fundamental for all human services suppliers who are associated with the conveyance of babies. Clinicians must utilize the most recent non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic treatments for the compelling administration of neonatal torment, pain, or tumult to keep away from neonatal entanglements. As a tyke is developing it is critical to focus on medicinal services progress arranging. Supplements and development factors manage mental health amid fetal and early postnatal life. Thus it is vital to know the neonatal nourishment. Kernicterus (Bilirubin encephalopathy) is a gained metabolic encephalopathy of the neonatal period is one of the harmful impacts. Neonatal Polycythemia characterized as a focal venous hematocrit (Hct) level of more prominent than 65% is a moderately regular issue in neonates.


·         Labor and Delivery

·         Reduction mammoplasty

·         Neonatal polycythemia

·         Diagnosis & Treatment

·         Premature Infants/ Preemies

·         Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR)


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