Cardiovascular Diseases

Kidney diseases may also lead to heart disease or coronary illness because of which more than 20 million people die in the U.S. Chronic kidney disease induces the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Coronary disease results in more than half of all the deaths among individuals with CKD (Chronic kidney diseases).  Indeed, even early stage of renal ailment puts a man in the risk zone of heart ailments and heart attacks and heart disease-related death.  Kidney dialysis patients who also have cardiovascular disease are more prone to death at about 10 to 30 times than in case of general cardiovascular patients. Diabetes and hypertension are two major risk factors for heart disease and chronic kidney disease. Kidney disease (acute kidney disease or chronic kidney disease) can induce the danger of cardiovascular illness, even with hypertension, high cholesterol and concurrent diabetes. Recent researches show that kidney diseases (renal diseases) induce heart disease, even before the kidneys are harmed to the point of requiring dialysis or transplantation

The session includes Cardiorenal syndrome, Effects of Cardiovascular Diseases on the Kidney, Effects of the Kidney on the Cardiovascular System, Diseases Affecting both Organs, Modification of Cardiac Drugs in Renal Disease