AliReza Alizadeh

Title: A review on the importance of adipose tissue status in pregnant women with PCOS


Dr. Alizadeh is an animal nutritionist. Since joining the Royan Institute in 2010, He has focused his research program on nutrition and reproduction interplay. He spent sabbatical leave at University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany on 2015-2016. Embryology Department of Royan Institute draws on oocyte as well as sperm cells, adipose tissue and live animals as models to uncover regulatory mechanisms associated with nutrient effects on fertility/infertility. He is interested in understanding the nutritional-physiological mechanisms by which diet, especially dietary fatty acids regulate fertility in human and animal models. Moreover, his interests are maternal nutrition effects on offspring health with a particular focus on omega-3 status and adipose tissue quality

Research Interest

nutrition and reproduction interplay

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