Pediatric Intensive Care & Neonatal Intensive Care

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is a multidisciplinary unit that gives care to babies, kids and youths who become fundamentally sick or harmed. The numerous doctors, nursing and partnered medicinal consideration experts who work in the PICU have the information, ability, and judgment to rapidly survey and treat your tyke so he can accomplish the most ideal results from basic sickness or damage. Furnished with cutting edge innovation, our multidisciplinary group improves survival, speeds recuperation, limits handicap and diminishes agony and enduring in a minding and deferential way.

Neonatal Intensive Care - Infants who need escalated therapeutic consideration are frequently placed in an uncommon territory of the emergency clinic called the neonatal emergency unit). The NICU has cutting edge innovation and prepared medicinal services experts to give exceptional consideration for the most modest patients. NICUs may likewise think about children who are not as debilitated but rather need specific nursing care. A few medical clinics don't have the staff for a NICU and infants must be moved to another emergency clinic. Infants who need concentrated consideration improve in the event that they are conceived in an emergency clinic with a NICU than if they are moved after birth.