Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing

Gynecology & Obstetrics attendants perform postoperative care on a surgical unit, stretch test assessments, cardiovascular checking, vascular observing, and wellbeing appraisals. Obstetrical medical caretakers work intimately with obstetricians, birthing specialists, and attendant experts. They likewise give supervision of patient care experts surgical technologists.  Obstetrical attendants are required to have specific abilities, for example, electronic fetal observing, non-stretch tests, neonatal revival, and solution organization by persistent intravenous dribble. 

•           Infections in Pregnancy

•           Obstetrical Analgesia and Anesthesia

•           Contraception

•           Endocrinology of Pregnancy

•           Recent Advances in Gynecology

•           Operative Obstetrics

•           Recent Advances in Medical and Surgical Management

•           Endocrinology of Pregnancy

•           Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

•           Placenta - Development, Structure, Functions

•           Operative Gynecology