About Greece

Greece is one of the popular tourist destinations in Europe. Greece is approximately 50,949 square miles in size, which makes it almost equal to the size  Alabama state, USA. Greece has many international airports compared to other countries in the world.Grece’s landscape is made up of almost 80% mountains. The weather in Greece varies widely between the different areas. The northern, more mountainous regions, experience winter cold in its extreme -ice and snow become a permanent feature of the landscape and the temperatures settle on lower numbers. The coastal areas and Greek islands experience a milder winter in terms of ice and snow, but high humidity and strong coastal winds during the winter make the cold seem much bitter. The summer is very hot and dry what makes Greece one of the favorite vacation spots for sun and sea lovers. Visitors are attracted to the nation's shorelines and dependable radiant summer climate, its nightlife, recorded locales and common excellence. 

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