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Welcome to Frontiers Meetings, a leading organization where the search ends for the diversified International Meetings and Conferences. With the accountability of service, uniqueness, and dependabilitywe seek to provide a highly enthusiastic ambiance for exploring and unveiling the Research, Business and Edu-tech oriented skills to our global attendees.

Endorsed with various scientific societies and medical accreditation council, Frontiers Meetings Organizes International Conferences & Expo’s in USA, Europe & Asia Pacific zone, critically covering and valuing every prospect and avenues in the fields of Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Healthcare, and Engineering. With the acknowledgement of all the original and contemporary works and discussions in the associated streams like Medical, Clinical, Neuroscience, Nursing, Nanomedicines, Oncology, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Pathology, Microbiology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Sciences, Materials Sciences, Traditional Medicine, Alternative Medicine and many more, Frontiers Meetings entertains and encourages the Global research fraternity with its variant and dynamic features, and providing them the most professional and conventional decorum.

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We’re event professionals who love what we do, with hundreds of happy clients across the world. We are experts in event management and passionate professionals working in different sectors to interact Deans, CEO’s, professors, students and delegates with a community of support, empowering them to stay in their profession and explore latest strategies in their respective fields.


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Dear All,

Greetings from Traditional Medicine 2019, London!

Welcome to London, the UK, a most exciting city in the world, to participate in Traditional Medicine 2019Global Experts Meeting on Frontiers in Traditional & Alternative Medicine. The conference is now well established as a most successful and informative international meeting in the field of Traditional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Ayurveda HomeopathyUnani, Holistic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pharmacology and Alternative Medicine. For young investigators, who are going to start their respective research carrier, it is the most important for them to get close contact with prominent experts, who have already made great achievements in their respective research carrier, it is most important for them to get close contact with prominent experts, who have already made great achievements in their field of research work. This conference no doubt provides such chances for young researchers. Meanwhile, for senior investigators, this conference will give them opportunities to meet other investigators, with whom they may work together or to exchange opinions successfully. Attendees of Traditional Medicine 2019, London can avail up to 12-15 hours of CME credits. They can also win the Best Oral/Poster awards. These awards are to encourage researchers to present their real-time work and share their views and aspects in light with the subject theme.


Also experience the immortal beauty of London, with a local tourism package for all the attendees. Following the closure of the informative sessions, you will be free to enjoy London's cultural attractions in the company of your colleagues. In my young days, I made new friends and established collegial relationships by participating in various international meetings like this conference. The Conference will be held in London, the capital of UK, where you can find many beautiful and attractive places and events to inspire you in many respects. The Organizing Committee Members wish you have the most valuable experiences in London in every respect.

Milagros Cejas Tarafa: Specialist in Natural Medicine and Acupuncture, Spain

Dr. Maryam Davodi Far: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

Dr. Piehler Petja: Community Hospital Wasserburg am Inn, Germany


Alternative and Traditional Medicine is picking up consideration among masses everywhere throughout the globe. The prescriptions, for example, Herbal Medicine, conventional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and others are arranged under elective medication showcase based on methodology. The option and conventional prescription can be utilized in the treatment of different interminable illnesses and neurological ailments. The elective treatments are additionally used to diminish torment, stress, and misery. As of now, the expanded number of individuals began embracing elective and conventional prescription since it is thought to be a more secure swap for Modern Medicine.

Market Growth:

As indicated by research by Global Industry Analysts, the insights of elective prescription demonstrate that natural enhancement and cure industry exceeds $105 billion by 2017. The developing positive reaction for option and the conventional drug is guided by the maturing populace, monetary option, and expanded mindfulness about human services and more secure with lesser or no symptoms. The elective prescription market detailed a relentless development in the course of the last multi-year time frame. It is additionally clear that the elective drug showcase stood unaffected by the monetary subsidence. As indicated by a report by Grand View Research, Inc., it is normal that the correlative and elective prescription market is required to create an income of US$ 196.87 billion by 2025. The expanded reception of the elective prescription and treatments pushes government and pharmaceutical industry of various nations to extend the income age channels.

The extensive use of botanicals in Europe makes it the source of most revenue generation in the market. Countries like Germany and France exhibit considerable demand for dietary supplements. The Asia Pacific sets to grow steadily in this sector because of the expensive conventional medicine, growth in medical tourism and several alternative medical therapies are originated from these regions.

Herbal Supplements in the World Market:

There are a few Herbal Medicines which are utilized for a few cures in the overall market. Ginkgo biloba is an antiquated plant remove which is utilized a drug in Chinese natural medicine. It is been utilized as a characteristic asthma cure, ADHD normal cure and treating dementia. Echinacea is a herb that is utilized as a herbal solution for low WBC tally, rheumatoid joint inflammation, headaches, and a few other viral and yeast contamination. St. John's Wort is an outstanding upper and successful treatment for melancholy with fewer reactions relatively. Flute player methysticum is turned out to be powerful for the treatment of nervousness, a sleeping disorder, and related anxious turmoil.

Current Research in the UK:

The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM) was set up to regulate the practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine in the UK has been working on several research works. Research studies are being carried out for treatment of allergies, cancer, high cholesterol levels, circulatory disorders, infertility, gastrointestinal disorder, endometriosis, and other skin related problems. There are also several other association and institutes such as British Herbal Medicine Association, National Institute of Medical Herbalists, European Herbal & Traditional Practitioners Medicine Association, Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners shows interest in improving safety and efficacy of traditional and alternative medicine by performing further research and development.