Sajan George

University of Johannesburg, S. Africa
Title: Transdifferentiating mesenchymal stem cells to neuroglia


Sajan George is an enthusiastic researcher in infectious diseases, cancer and stem cell biology. He has functioned as a veterinarian and clinical researcher in industry as well. He has been involved in Phase II clinical trials of anti-fungal drugs in canines and pharmacokinetic testing of liposomal anti-cancer drugs in non-human primates. His research towards the comparison of Mycobacterium spp. harbouring dairy cows’ and in vitro infected macrophages has unveiled the adaptations of pathogen for survival and virulence. He master’s thesis has identified the effect of feed antibiotics on weanling piglets using functional genomics and proteomics approaches. His doctoral research activity is differentiation of Adipose Stem Cells to functional neurons by low-intensity laser irradiation, often referred as photobiomodulation

Research Interest

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