Keshia Pitt

Title: Pharmacological TGF-? inhibition in feeder-free mouse keratinocyte expansion as a method to study aberrant splicing of the stem cell factor p63


Keshia Pitt attended St. John’s University in Queens, New York for her Bachelor of Science degree in biology. Her undergraduate lab focused on DNA nanostructures, where she modeled versions of a three-pronged “DNA origami” claw to optimize whole-capsid viral binding for applications in disease detection. Her dissertation research in Makoto Senoo’s lab at Boston University Medical Campus examines the stem cell factor p63 and its relevance to epithelial stem cell behavior in cancer. She is currently supported by an NIH pre-doctoral fellowship. Significant progress of Keshia Pitt's research projects has been recognized recently by a prestigious research award at the International Stem Cell Conference held in Greece, 2019

Research Interest

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