D'Assoro, Antonio B.

Title: Role Of NOTCH3 Expression in Breast Cancer Progression


Dr. D’Assoro received his M.D. from the University of Catania (Italy) in 1998. He started a post-doctoral fellowship at the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine (Rochester, MN, USA) in 1999, under the mentorship of Doctor Jeffrey Salisbury Ph.D. where he established a strong experimental background in cancer molecular and cell biology. Dr. D’Assoro also received his Ph.D. in Molecular Oncology from a joint collaboration between the University of Catania and the Mayo Graduate School in 2006. Dr. D’Assoro was appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Department Of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Mayo Clinic in 2006. He is currently an Associate Consultant in the Department of Medical Oncology at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. D’Assoro is an internationally recognized expert in the role that genomic instability and stemness plays in the development of tumor cell heterogeneity, chemo-endocrine resistance and breast cancer progression. Specifically his laboratory is focused on the molecular mechanisms underlying cellular response to chemotherapy-induced genotoxic stress, the origin of chromosomal instability, stemness, tumor self-renewal, drug resistance and onset of breast cancer metastases. Dr. D’Assoro also established a strong breast cancer translational research program where his basic research and clinical background is critical to the design of preclinical studies that will lead to innovative Phase I/II clinical trials to inhibit breast cancer prohression.

Research Interest

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