Amal Abdel Aziz Abdel Rahman Ali

Title: Stem Cells a Potential Treatment for Acute Kidney Injury


Amal Abdelaziz Abdelrahman grew up in Egypt especially in Cairo was born on 6/1/1999, live in sheik Zayed, 13 district, villa 62. Studied pharmacy at MSA university and worked as an assistant for plastics surgery, the doctor was a member of MWHO, participated in united nation project on HIV and non-communicable diseases under the project of “heal a nation 0.7 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, attended a stem cell culture workshop at MSA university research labs worked at Bahya foundation for breast cancer and the national cancer institute and attending all WHO awareness courses about covid 19, attending also gene analysis workshop in Cairo university research park, now working on a project under the title of “stem cells, a potential treatment for acute kidney injury “ under the supervision of dr. Shetein mahmoud , lecturer at MSA University, Biochemistry Department.

Research Interest

Stem Cells

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