Regeneration & Therapeutics

Therapeutics is  the branch of medication worried with the remedy of ailment and the movement of remedial dealers. regenerative medicinal drug, the maximum recent and emerging branch of medical technology, deals with useful healing of tissues or organs for the affected person suffering from severe accidents or continual sickness. the remarkable progress in the subject of stem cell studies has laid the muse for mobile primarily based cures of disease which can't be cured by using traditional drugs.

  • Bio fabrication And Bone Tissue
  • Regeneration Manufacturing Challenges for Regenerative Medicine
  • Cardiac Progenitor Cells
  • Melancholy Cells
  • Nanotechnology In The Regeneration of Complex Tissues
  • Regenerative Medicine Market
  • Stem Cell Pellets/Sheets In Regenerative Therapy
  • Hair Follicle Stem Cells In Regeneration

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