Khalid Shah

Title: Next Generation of Cell based Therapies for Cancer


Dr. Khalid Shah the Director of Center for Stem Cell Therapeutics and Imaging at BWH/ Harvard Medical School. He is also the Vice Chairman of Research and Co-Director for joint Center of Excellence in Biomedicine at BWH Harvard Medical School. Dr. Shah and his team have pioneered major developments in the stem cell therapy field, successfully developing experimental models to understand basic cancer biology and therapeutic stem cells for cancer. Dr. Shah's work has caught the attention in the public domain and as such it has been highlighted in the media world-wide including features on BBC, Fox news and CNN. Dr. Shah holds current positions on numerous councils, advisory and editorial boards in the fields of cell therapy and oncology. In an effort to translate the exciting therapies developed in his laboratory into clinics, he has founded biotech companies whose main objective is the clinical translation of therapeutic cells in cancer patients.

Research Interest

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