Professor Gleb Nikolaevich Zyuz’kov

Title: Targeted Pharmacological Regulation of Intracellular Signal Transduction in Regenerative-Competent Cells - a New Direction of Therapy in Regenerative Medicine


Professor Gleb N. Zyuz`kov is a Scientist Secretary of Institute, Head of the laboratory of pathology and experimental therapy  (Goldberg Research Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine), Tomsk National Research Medical Center. Ph.D (2003),  Doctor of Medicine (2006), Professor of Russian Academy of Sciences (2016). Author of 59 patents, two of which are included in the lists of Ruspatent "100 best inventions of Russia". International Award "SciVal/Scopus Award Russia» (2012). Dr. Zyuz?kov G.N. is: a Scientist Secretary of Tomsk branch of «National society for regenerative medicine» and Tomsk branch of «Russian scientific society of Pharmacology», a member of «Tomsk Professors Society.

Research Interest

Regenerative medicine, targeted therapy, signaling transduction

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