Recent Advances in Drug Delivery System

Pharmaceutica 2019 includes Keynote and Speakers sessions on the most recent examination intended to offer extensive worldwide exchanges that address current issues in Pharmaceutica 2019.

Ease of drug administration, safety, affordability and efficacy are the major concerns in pharmacotherapy leading to exploration of better drug delivery systems. Liposomes are lyotropic liquid crystals composed mainly of amphiphilic bilayers and these are more frequently used as drug carriers. Liposomes help reduce the toxicity and deliver the drug to the target tissue. So far, liposomes have been the most intensively studied lipid-based delivery system. In liposomes, a hydrophilic drug can be trapped in aqueous interior or channels between successive phospholipids bilayers whereas a hydrophobic drug can reside with the bilayer itself. The non-toxic and nonimmunogenic bilayers dissipate allowing the diffusion of the drug into the tissues. Attachment of polyethyl glycol to the surface of liposome aids in the better targeting of the drug to the tissues.

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