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For Speakers:

Use appropriate visual aids (i.e. Powerpoint), and make the best use of them:

·      Don’t overload slides; make sure each has only one message, and the text is written in large enough font to be easily visible

·      Make them interesting; don’t just read out a list of bullet points from each slide. Judicious use of photos/graphics can be very helpful

·      Using too many different colors, fonts, and graphics will distract your audience

·      Keep graphs and tables simple, and make sure they are legible and appropriately labeled

No videos will be recorded

Allow at least 5 minutes at the end of your presentation for questions

Question periods, thanks and acknowledgment of the speakers will take place during the session or after completion of the session, so please stay until the session ends.


 Presentation Slide Format

·         We suggest presenters set the page for “On-Screen Show (4:3) with a width of 10” and a height of 7.5”.

·         We recommend an easy to read typeface(font type) for slides, such as Times New Roman fonts like Helvetica, Cambria or Arial.

·         We recommend presenters use color for emphasis only. White or black lettering on a blue the background is easy to read.

·         Avoid light lettering on a light background, red or green text and please be considerate of those who are color blind. 

For Poster Presenters:

  • Poster boards (1 meter X 1 meter) with poster numbers, arid pasting materials will be provided to each presenter. We encourage you to paste the posters 1 hour prior to the start time of poster sessions as per the final program.
  • Poster evaluation and Certificate distribution will be done by the judges. Poster awards will be presented on day 3 during the closing ceremony.


  • All the attendees will be provided with the delegate certification signed by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE MEMBER (OCM). Name and affiliation on the certificates will be printed on the certificates, as per our records, for any changes or requests regarding the certification— please contact us before one month of the conference.

E-Poster Presentation:

  • E-Posters Presenter is not required to join the conference in person. The Poster (in PDF form) will be electronically projected during the poster session area. E-Poster abstract will be published in the Proceeding book. Presenters will be provided with E-Certificate during the post-conference works.