Pediatric Neurology

Child Neurology deals with the management and designation of neurologic conditions in neonates, children, infants and adolescents etc., the discipline of child neurology encompasses diseases and disorders of the brain, peripheral system, medulla spinalis, involuntary system and blood vessels that have an effect on people in these age teams. If a child has issues that involve the system, medical specialty specialist has the information to assess, diagnose, coaching and treat the children. The conditions touch upon by medical specialty neurologist's vary significantly, from comparative disorders such as cerebral palsy, spastic paralysis, encephalopathy or a headache through additional advanced and rare conditions neurodegenerative disorders or metabolic disease.


·         Sleep disorders

·         Brain tumors

·         Mitochondrial Diseases

·         Behavioral disorders

·         Genetic diseases of the nervous system

·         Traumatic Brain Injury

·         Neonatal Neurology

·         Childhood Stroke

·         Chromosomopathy

·         Congenital malformation