Jerry Sparby

Executive Director, Yes Network | USA
Title: Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences with a Unique Approach


In 2003, as a school principal, Jerry experienced a school shooting that changed the focus of his life.  He started Building a World of Love Center with doctors from Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas and Washington DC.  He is a Parent Coach, Therapist and Counselor in his practice in St. Cloud, MN and Los Angeles, CA.   Jerry works with kids of all ages, their parents, university students, police, veterans and their families dealing with PTSD, intense and out of control kids, anxiety, depression, and other medical referrals.

He is the Executive Director of the nonprofit Yes Network. The Yes Network is a community-based social impact network developing strategies to deal with ACEs. Members and supporters of the network respond to emerging community needs through a range of innovative projects and experiences.  They utilize the talents and innate potential of high school kids, local residents and teachers to strengthen existing community assets.  

Research Interest

Trauma & stresses with children

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