D Weissman

Title: Understanding technology, how it affects our youth, and what we can do about it


Dr. Dustin Weissman is the Founder and CEO of Digital Addiction Recovery Center, a residential treatment center for internet-based addictions. He’s a psychotherapist at Neuro Sense Psychology in Calabasas practicing under the supervision of Jonine Biesman, PsyD, ABPdN. Dr. Weissman treats patients with digital addictions, transition-age youth, and men’s issues. His dissertation has been received globally from 72 countries on 6 continents. Dr. Weissman is the founder of Cyberneuropsychology. He currently holds three board positions with Ventura County Psychological Association and one with Mental Health Professionals of Conejo Valley. Dr. Weissman hosts the podcast, CyberSense Power Up

Research Interest

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