Pediatric Pulmonology

If your child has respiratory problems or a hassle with his or her lungs, a pediatric pulmonologist has the experience and qualifications to deal with your child. Pediatric pulmonologists diagnose, treat, and manipulate teens from start to 21 years ancient with breathing and lung diseases.

Pediatric pulmonologists often treat children with the following conditions:

·         Chronic cough

·         Difficulty breathing

·         Recurring pneumonia (infection of the lungs)

·         Asthma (chronic inflammation of the airways)

·         Cystic fibrosis (a genetic disease with pulmonary and nutritional symptoms)

·         Apnea (when a child’s breathing stops for a prolonged time)

·         Chronic lung disease in premature infants

·         Noisy breathing

·         Conditions that require special equipment to monitor and/or help with breathing at home

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