Ehsan Kamani

Title: My goal is to promote the science of laser medicine for the health of the people of the world.


I am Ehsan Kamani was born in 1994 in Iran. I am a graduate in the field of optics and laser engineering. I started studying and Research the use of lasers in medicine since 2014. I am mighty in the field of laser medicine research and treatment. I am eager to learn and study further. I have an intense internal drive and passion, and the willingness to take a chance, to fail if necessary, and to start the process all over again. I have a passion for research to be able to make life better for people affected by diseases and it is far more important than anything to me. Working in a place nearby cancer department of Shohada University and watching patients affected by cancer complications made me think about how I can help these people. when I face new issues, I look at it and think, ‘that seems interesting, that could be an area I could make a contribution in, maybe I can make a difference’ then I invest myself in it,” “I take my time and life to do it, I encounter challenges and make my way through it. I choose University due to the chance that it has given to me with its superb research expertise. Research is my passion.

Research Interest

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