Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety is that the sector of public health that studies trends in sicknesses and injuries at intervals the worker population and proposes and implements ways in which and laws to forestall them. It's the scope is broad, encompassing an outsized form of disciplines—from medication | pharmacology | material medical| medicine | medical specialty and medicine to technology and violence hindrance.

The focus of activity health and safety efforts square measure on labor occupations, like complex workers. But  the world presently encompasses all occupations at intervals in addition to creating positive our work environments (from construction sites to geographic point buildings) have safety precautions in place to forestall injuriesspecialists inactivity health collectively work to limit every short- and long-run hazards that may end in physical or condition presently or at intervals the longer term.

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·         Prevention of Occupational Diseases

·         Occupational Hazards and Risks

·         Occupational Health Psychology

·         Workplace Heal Management

·         Occupational Health Nursing

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