Nursing & Midwifery

The midwife is a profession of supporting the women in childbirth. A nurse affords care to females at some point of gestation and delivery and a few additionally supply medical resources related to procreative health. This care includes the medical specialty examination, patient safety, promotion of traditional birth, accessing treatment, detection of complications in mom and child and delivery care Midwives have facts of procreative schooling in nutrition, fertility, delivery control, breastfeeding, gestation health, and first-class infant care. The nurse additionally has necessary roles in education and health content material not simply for the female then again additionally for the household and community. As clinical aid services square measure nowadays lacking a number of developing countries rectangular measure finance the money and teaching for midwives and one of a kind neighborhood medical examiners.

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·         Newborn care and safety

·         Pregnancy

·         Prenatal and Maternal Health

·         Birth and Breastfeeding Outcomes

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