Theodora Malamou

Title: The methodology of TQM in health services


  I work as Deputy Head in Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, General Hospital of Ioannina “G. Chatzikosta”. Working experience in clinical nursing from 1990. Bachelor of Nursing, Technological Educational Institution of Epirus, Greece (1990).  MSc in Healthcare Management, Open University of Cyprus, faculty of Economics and Management (2013). Certificate of  specialization  in "Total Quality Management of Health care services" of  Economics,  University of Ioannina(2015), Certificate of  specialization  in the science in Psychology of the University of the Aegean (2018). Continuous Training in nursing, medical and management in health services. Member of organizational committee in scientific events. Announcements in Conferences’ Proceedings with Referees. Publications in Journal articles for health and nursing science. My interests are focused on Total quality management, continuous improvement of nursing care and patient safety.

Research Interest

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