Best Presentations Awards

A constant and progressive approach for being the best international platform for the meetings and conferences has kept the veterans of Frontiers Meetings always thinking of the ways to add some accountable values in the profile of attendees. The consequence of the same can be seen in the form honouring the best speakers of our conferences with special moments and awards. This is not only a mere tangible way of expressing the gratitude for their performance but also an approach to hit their psychological corner and prompt the presenters to raise their bar and pull out the best. The whole committee has witnessed over the years as the kind of vibrance it brings to the atmosphere by acknowledging good performances.

It has always been a matter of pride for the whole committee to witness the sheer involvement and the degree of competence all the attendees produce in our International Conferences. The whole decorum seems to be a kind of stage where everyone is willing to suffice their cravings of displaying their knowledge, giving the best presentation and eventually receiving the acknowledgment award of being the best from our novel scholars and honourable guests.

The whole process of finalizing the best presenters in oral and poster category happens to be in a very balanced way with a handful of engagement of all the keynote speakers in the decision making. Certain parameters are listed down on which the presenters are evaluated for being chosen as the best in their individual category.

For Posters

Clarity of submitted abstract

Importance of the presentation paper

The Uniqueness of the work

The ability of the presenter to explain the work

Poster Organization and Design

The ability to handle the questionnaires

For Oral

Purpose communicated clearly

Organized and easy to follow

Presenter exhibited a good understanding of the topic

Presenter was well-prepared

The presenter spoke clearly/effectively

Time for presentation used effectively

Slides enhanced presentation