Mohd. Anisur Rahman Forazy

Imperial Hospital Limited, Bangladesh
Title: In Era of globalization” Poor Nurse Staffing in Health Care Settings creates negative impacts on patients’ care world-wide.


Professor Mohd. Anisur Rahman Forazy, RN, NLPN,  PhD  is a Bangladeshi citizen. He graduated from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh under faculty of Medicine ( BSN  Program). Passed National Leadership Program for the Nurses under the fellowship of World Health Organization. Successfully completed MSN from in University of Adelaide, Australia. PhD awarded from University of New Castle, Portland, Oregon, USA. Having experience as Principal since 2008 to 2018. Worked as 1. Principal cum Nursing Superintendent  at Central Hospital Pvt. Ltd & Central Hospital Nursing Institute, Green Road, Dhaka  2.   Founder Principal of Begum Rabeya Khatun Chowdhury Nursing Colege, Sylhet  3. Principal- International Nursing College, Gushulia, Tongi , Gazipur.

 At present, Chairman- Bangladesh Peoples Advancement Training & Research Center, International Medical College Road, Sataish, Tongi, Gazipur, Bangladesh

He has been working to build up nurse’s career in inland and abroad. He has a significant number of research work publications in national international print and online journals. He is having an eminent figure in the field of Nursing in national and international arena.

Professor Mohd. Anisur Rarman Forazy also participated in a significant number of conferences as a Speaker, Presenter, and Moderator. He delivered media speech in national and international TV channels, he wrote a significant number of articles in newspapers to address Nursing Profession and to fill up global shortage of nurses. He  will participate in  International Nursing conference-2018 on 30 April In United Kingdom.

Expecting he will build global awareness addressing to fill the global shortage of nurses

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