Hina Raheel

Title: Burnout among nurses and its impacts on nurses, patients and organisation; Implications for future improvements.


Hina Raheel has completed her MSc in Health Care Management from University of Surrey UK. She has been working with the field of clinical training since 12 years. Currently she is working as Asst. Manager Clinical Training in Medcare Hospital Dubai.

Research Interest

Burnout has been one of the key job related issue, especially among nurses. The job of nurses has always been considered to be associated with so many stressors, including long working hours, high patient acuity, and high management expectations. Burnout is not a new concept it has been studied amongst nurses from decades, but unfortunately it still exist unresolved among nurses. Nurses are considered to be the pillars for any health care organization, because they are in very close contact with patient therefore any vulnerability to their health will provoke devastating effects on patient care quality and organizational performance as well. This study employs a method of systematic literature review to explain the concept of burnout among nurses by identifying different causative effects of burnout among nurses and the major consequences occurring in health care due to nurse’s burnout problem. The crucial nature of this issue within nurses is underlined by analysing the devastating effects of burnout on nurses, patients and on health care organization. This study bring upon number of recommendations to be considered and to be adopted by the nurses who are already working in health care settings and for upcoming novice nurses, to deal with this critical issue. The findings suggest that the principal causative factors of burnout among nurses are work environment, personality traits and leadership and management factors. Moreover, dynamic approaches need to be acquired by the management personnel and policy makers in order to reduce the causative factors leading to burnout among nurses.

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