Catherina E Muller

Title: ARTs in water resources in a Province of South Africa: A transdisciplinary approach.


Dr CE Muller obtained a PhD (Nursing Science) at the North West University in 2011, with the topic: Nurse-led change to influence HIV and AIDS workplace policy. Since 2007-2010 Dr Muller was involved in an international funded seed project within the Teasdale Corti project: Strengthening Nurses' Capacity in HIV Policy Development in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean (PI: Dr Nancy Edwards), as a research assistance responsible for all aspects of the research program (SA team leaders: Prof Hester Klopper, Dr Muller and Mr Francois Watson). Opportunity to collaborate with conference presentations was used and provided growth as researcher. Afterwards Dr Muller was involved in the development and succeeding of two funding research proposals. Dr Muller’s current research focus on her specialisation field PHC services with the focus on the out roll of re-engineering services, the function of District team services and National Health Insurance program.

Research Interest


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