Advanced spectrums of Clinical Nursing

Clinical Nursing is included Keynote and Speakers sessions on the most recent examination intended to offer extensive worldwide exchanges that address current issues in Nursing 2019.

The session of Clinical Nursing hovers over the practice of registered nurses in the area of clinical expertise (pediatrics, geriatrics, women’s health, diabetes, oncology, psychiatric, rehabilitation, critical care and emergency room), holding a master’s or doctoral degree. Clinical nurse specialists may also work with research—translating research findings into patient care, evaluating research proposals, overseeing design of evidence-based practice studies, applying research results to practice, or coming up with new evidence-based standards and protocols.

 This session represents with original research and contemporary developments in

·         Translation of research evidence

·         Symptom science

·         Workplace violence

·         Palliative care

·         Clinical judgment and decision-making

·         Advance care planning

·         Discharge planning

·         Atrial fibrillation

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