Zuyu Zhang

Title: Using machine leaning to explore the correlation between eye movements and personality


She just finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Technology at the NorthWestern University of China in July 2017, and now she is a second-year graduate student studying in Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience at State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning in Beijing Normal University, under the supervision of Prof Mingsha Zhang. As a co-inventor, she had just published a Chinese patent about A New method of motion recognition in human-body based on Posture Label. Although she transferred her major, her passion is still on applying cognitive-behavioral paradigms, physiological methods, and mathematical modeling to study movement and then find some indication with personality traits, including the process of measurement, description, modeling and judgment. The overarching research questions she could pursue include: Can personality traits be quantized using broad behavioral tendencies and How? Which underlying processes and mechanisms can explain individual differences?

Research Interest

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