Yongling Zhu

Title: Inter-sectional genetic dissection of inner retina circuits


The goal of her research is to understand the visual processing in the retina. Specifically, she is interested in how visual information is abstracted by the complex inhibitory and excitatory interactions centered around ganglion cell dendrites. The retina is an excellent model system for studying neural circuits, but the complex wiring among bipolar, amacrine, and ganglion cells within the dense, tortuous IPL impedes our understanding of how visual information is processed. A major focus of our group is to develop new technologies in the mouse model system to access to highly specific sets of neurons and circuits for structural and functional studies with an increased spatial and temporal resolution. We pair powerful mouse genetic strategies with an array of advanced viral vector technologies to delineate and label cell types in the retina, followed by electrophysiology, functional imaging and optogenetics to dissect and analyze specific circuits. They use both discovery based and hypothesis driven approaches to better understand how specific subsets of neurons integrate into larger circuits that compute different neural representations of the visual world.

Research Interest

Circuits and Behavior, Computational, Electrophysiology, Imaging & Microscopy, Molecular Neuroscience, Sensory Systems

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