Dr. Marie Dagonnier

CHU Ambroise Paré hospital, Belgium
Title: Hyperacute changes in blood mRNA expression profiles of rats after middle cerebral artery occlusion:Towards a stroke time signature.


Dr. Marie Dagonnier completed her medical degree and her certification in Neurology with high honors at the Free University of Brussels, with finishing her neurology training in Lille, France. She recently returns to Belgium from a 5 years stay in Australia where she conducted her PhD at the Florey Neurosciences Institutes for Neurosciences and Mental Health, researching specific biomarker of stroke in animal models and in patient populations. She has a passion in vascular neurology with a specific interest in acute stroke management. She is a staff specialist Neurologist at the Ambroise Paré Hospital (Mons, Belgium) taking a leading role in organizing efficient pathways for reperfusion therapies.  


Research Interest

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