Zibo Song

Title: A Comparison of Low-frequency EEG Power Distribution on a Realistic Head Model and a Sphere Model


Zibo Song, born in 1996s, Studying at Hebei University of Technology.

Corresponding author: Manling GE, she was graduated from department of Electronic Information Engineering, Tianjin University form July, 1988 till March, 1991, during the period she received the BD and MD consecutively. She has been teaching in both department of  Electrical Engineering and department of Biomedical Engineering, Hebei University of Technology since then. In Jane, 2005, she has been employed to be a professor there. From Nov,2005, she worked with the team of Epilepsy and Cognition for one year as a visiting professor in Marseille, France, supported by Scholarship of Education Ministry of Chinese Government. Her present major is the neural computing by electromagnetic modeling, EEG and fMRI.

Research Interest

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