Dr. Bernard Pac Soo

Title: Headache management in the Ambulatory Care Unit at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary


Bernard Pac Soo is currently completing his second year of foundation year at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary. I am also a PBL facilitator for medical students at Lancaster University. I graduated from the University of Manchester in 2017. Due to my special interest in Neurology, my supervisor and I recently completed a quality improvement project where we analyzed the management of headaches in our ambulatory care unit and thereafter created a clerking pro forma and headache assessment pathway, which could be used by clinical practitioners of various levels including medical students. These documents summarized red flag symptoms of headache, required examinations and the sequence in which tests have to be ordered. It was a helpful tool for the junior doctors and staff members working on the ambulatory care unit at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary. 

Research Interest


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