This session discussed on major clinical and basic research findings in the field of neuro-otology. We especially welcome papers with an interdisciplinary focus on subjects that bridge the areas of neurology, neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, vestibular and audiological research. Apart from cerebellar and brainstem disorders, high-priority subjects will include a) peripheral vestibular disorders such as benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo, Menière’s disease, vestibular neuritis, bilateral vestibulopathy, vestibular paroxysmia and perilymph fistula; b) hearing problems and tinnitus; c) central vestibular disorders such as vestibular migraine, downbeat and upbeat nystagmus syndrome, other forms of central nystagmus and episodic ataxias; and d) psychogenic and somatoform forms of vertigo such as phobic postural vertigo.

Complementary areas of interest are:

- the anatomy, physiology, molecular biology and genetics of the peripheral and central vestibular, and audiological as well as related ocular motor and cerebellar systems in humans;

- the pathophysiology and pathological anatomy of these systems;

- animal models of the relevant disorders;

- structural and functional imaging with fMRI and PET for new insights into how the vestibular and other sensory systems interact;

- Clinical and laboratory examinations of the vestibular, ocular motor and audiological systems;

- Diagnostic criteria of the different vestibular and audiological syndromes as well as related balance and gait disorders;

- Pilot studies and treatment trials for physiotherapy, pharmacotherapy and psychological and surgical therapy for neuro-otological disorders;

- Epidemiology, quality of life and functioning in patients with vertigo, dizziness and balance or gait disorders.

In particular, interdisciplinary studies can advance our basic and clinical knowledge of vertigo, dizziness, imbalance and gait disorders as well as hearing problems, and also inspire in-depth research to further, elucidate the complicated interactions between the nervous system and the auditory/vestibular systems.