Neuro Muscular Disorders

Neuromuscular disorders are disorders of the nerves that manage the voluntary muscles. One amongst the causes is that the immune system disorder and genetic, quite a pair of million people within the USA square measure tormented by such style of fibre bundle diseases and regarding half-hour of them square measure below the age 18. Designation includes NCV check, organic chemistry, genetic check, a multi-step method like muscle diagnostic test. The motive of this session is to know the origin of congenital disease, myasthenic syndrome and neuromuscular junction disorder. Additional there'll be an interactive conversation on hyper reflexia, Spasticity and its bar.

Neuromuscular disorders are: 

1. Myasthenia Gravis

2. Myopathy

3. Spinal muscular atrophy

4. Congenital myopathy

5. Congenital myasthenic syndrome

6. Myotonia

7. Inclusion body myositis

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