Prof Pedro A. Jose

Title: Organizing Committee


Dr. Jose is a nephrologist and basic sciences and translational researcher. He is known for his research in the pathogenesis, genetics, and pharmacogenetics of hypertension. He has more than 380 scientific publications which are cited more than 9,000 times, with 53 articles cited 50 or more times, 19 of which are cited more than 100 times. Four of his publications are covers of scientific journals, six are the subject of editorial commentaries, and one is a featured article. His Hirsch index is 51. Dr. Jose has received several academic and research awards, including the 2003 Lewis K. Dahl Memorial Lecture (American Heart Association), 2007 Ernest H. Starling Distinguished Lecture (American Physiological Society), a 2007 MERIT award (National Institutes of Health), and 2015 Excellence Award for Hypertension Research (American Heart Association).

Research Interest

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