Urology and UTI

This category includes diseases of the urinary system, prostate gland including the kidneys and bladder. The bladder or urethra usually is affected in any urinary tract infections, yet more genuine and serious infections include the kidney. A bladder disease may bring about pelvic torment, excessive inclination to urinate, torment with urination process and blood in the urine. Renal infection may bring about back agony, sickness, heaving and fever.

Urology/Urinary Tract Infections cover Urethritis, Pyelonephritis, Cancers of the Kidney and Genitourinary Tract, Diagnosis of Kidney and Urinary Tract Disorders, Disorders of Kidney Tubules, Disorders of Urination, Obstruction of the Urinary Tract, Stones in the Urinary Tract.