Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

It comprises of conditions that damage kidneys and impair their ability to maintain hygiene by abnormality in functions. Such conditions make kidney disease worse; wastes can accumulate to high levels in patient blood and make them feel sick. Issues like anaemia, high blood pressure, weak bones, nerve damage and poor nutritional health. Also, kidney disease elevates the risk of having coronary disease and heart problems. These problems may occur gradually over a long period of time. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two main causes of chronic kidney disease.

It covers CKD: Fibrosis and Extracellular Matrix CKD, CKD Mineral and Bone Disorder, Acid Base and Electrolyte Abnormalities, Cardiovascular Complications of CKD 3-5, Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnosis, Classification and Progression, Epidemiology, Outcomes and Health Service Research in CKD, Bone and Mineral Metabolism, Anaemia (CKD 3-5), Nutrition (CKD 3-5), Infection (CKD 3-5), Chronic Kidney Disease–Mesoamerican Nephropathy, Chronic Kidney Disease–Diseases and Drugs.