CKD & Mineral Bone Disorder

The mineral and bone metabolism disorders (MBD) are common in patients with chronic kidney disease. Conventionally, these disorders are collectively termed as renal osteodystrophy. We can see mineral and bone disorders in patients with chronic kidney diseases, calcium and phosphorus levels in patient’s blood to be out of balance due to imbalance of hormones. This leads to kidney failure and dialysis.

The kidneys assume an essential part in maintaining sound bone mass and structure by adjusting phosphorus and calcium levels in the blood. Healthy kidneys actuate a type of vitamin D which a man expends in sustenance, transforming it into calcitriol, the dynamic variety of the vitamin. Calcitriol helps the kidney to maintain blood calcium levels and advances the arrangement of bone. The kidneys likewise expel additional phosphorus, adjusting levels of phosphorus and calcium in the blood. It also helps to maintain the best possible level of phosphorus in the blood keeping the bones healthy.