Ignacio Villanueva Bendek

Title: Use of ultrasound for safe cannulation of difficult arteriovenous fistules in hemo dialysis
Time: 14:00-14:30


Dr. Ignacio Villanueva Bendek is a leading specialist with more than 15 years of experience in various prestigious institutions He is a graduate of the Colombian National University with a specialty in Gastroenterology and the New Granada Military University with the subspecialty in Nephrology. The doctor is a member of the Colombian Association of Gastroenterology and the Colombian Association of Nephrology.

Research Interest


Vascular access in hemodialysis constitutes one of the pillars of the success of a program. Efforts should therefore be aimed at achieving, in the first instance, the greatest number of arteriovenous fistula vascular accesses, and secondly at decreasing the complications related to the cannulation of access to preserve the functionally thereof in the long term. Several strategies have been described to improve this last aspect; we describe case reports of the use of ultrasound to improve the probability of successful cannulation in situations considered difficult by the nursing team.