Nano Toxicology

Nanotechnology is an emerging new multidisciplinary field of science, and, therefore, there is a risk of change in its rapid development in the near future. The rapidly developing nature of this scientific discipline carries the risk of being out of date in certain areas of research and development. We have witnessed the exponential growth of this emerging new nanotechnology. Nanomaterials have become the products of a modern industrial revolution that develops extremely small-sized, lightweight and high-strength materials for a variety of purposes. These nanomaterials are used in a wide range of consumer products such as foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medicines, and medical devices leading to extensive daily human exposure.

  • Track 10-1 Lipid Nanotechnology
  • Track 10-2 Biomolecular Engineering
  • Track 10-3 Cardiac therapy
  • Track 10-4 Cardiac therapy
  • Track 10-5 Biological membranes
  • Track 10-6 Toxic Nanoparticles 

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