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Market Analysis

Nano Delivery 2020 is an emerging field of engineering and life sciences that promises to revolutionize medicine and medical technology. There are numerous applications of nanomedicine and Drug Delivery using Nanotechnology in medicinal diagnostics. These include improved imagining of the human (or any) body and detecting tumors that are only a few cells in size.

The idea that pharmaceutical agents should be delivered specifically to diseased cells holds the promise of a variety of benefits. The promise of individualized medicine is that it is efficient. Targeted drug-delivery allows doctors and patients to benefit from small dosages at just the right place and thus from fewer side effects.

Nanomedicine has therapeutic uses as well. Nanotechnology is capable of delivering medication to the exact location where they are needed, hence lesser side effects. It can also be used to destroy harmful organisms or cancer cells by interrupting their division process. Nanoprobes can be made to generate radiation that could kill bacteria, viruses and cancer cells. Nanotechnology also theoretically allows the mimicking of natural biological processes, e.g. repair of damaged tissues or acting as artificial red blood cells to transport oxygen.

The global market for healthcare nanotechnology is expected to reach USD 196.02 billion by 2020 growing at a CAGR of 12.1%, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. Increasing susceptibility of patients towards chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, neurological, oncology and respiratory diseases coupled with increasing R&D spending opening new application avenues is expected to drive market growth over the next six years. Other drivers of this market include increasing government and private sector R&D aid and new players entering the market to bridge the gap between supply and demand.

Importance & Scope of Nano Delivery:

Researchers are developing a nanoparticle that can be taken orally and pass through the lining of the intestines into the bloodstream. This should allow drugs that must now be delivered with a shot to be taken in pill form. The researchers have demonstrated the technique with lab mice so far.

Researchers are also developing a nanoparticle to defeat viruses. The nanoparticle does not actually destroy viruses molecules, but delivers an enzyme that prevents the reproduction of viruses molecules in the patients’ bloodstream. The effectiveness of the technique has been demonstrated in lab tests.

The European drug delivery device market 

The European drug delivery device market will see modest growth through 2027. Although the increasing availability of biosimilars will negatively impact ASPs, the greater affordability of lower-cost generic drug delivery devices will support rising overall sales volumes, which will be further supported by expanding patient populations.

Major Nano Delivery Associations around the Globe:

American Nano Society

European Biotechnology Thematic Network Association

Society for Biomaterials

Nano Canadian Society

American Academy of NanoMedicine

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Nanometer-Scale Science and Technology Division of the American Vaccum Society

NanoScience and Technology Institute

ASME NanoTechnology Institute

Foresight Nanotech Institute

International Association of NanoTechnology

The Institute of NanoTechnology

Microscopy Society of America

Nano Business Alliance

European NanoTechnology Gateway

Scottish Center for NanoTechnology in Construction Materials

Royal Society-NanoTechnology and NanoScience

Czech NanoTechnology Industries Association

Erwin Schrodinger Society for NanoSciences

Innovationsallianz Carbon NanoTubes

NanoTechnologies for Tommorow’s Society

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Companies involved in Nano Delivery:


Oncolytics Biotech

Bristol-Myers Squibb


Bend Research


BioDelivery Sciences

GE Healthcare

Mallinckrodt plc

Nanosphere Inc., USA

Pfizer Inc., USA

Merck & Co Inc., USA

Celgene Corporation, USA

CombiMatrix Corporation, USA

Abbott Laboratories

Many Major companies in the Nano Delivery market.



Mati Therapeutics

Formac Pharmaceuticals




Precision Nanosystems