Recent Nanomaterials for drug delivery

In this session we will discuss about the nanomaterial’s used in Drug delivery. As many new drugs require novel and innovative drug delivery techniques. The development of such drug delivery systems can improve existing drugs’ therapeutic efficacy, alleviating their side effects, and reducing the cost. Being beneficial from the rapid progress of nanotechnologies and nanomaterial’s during last decades, many advanced drug delivery systems have been made possible.

·         Nanomaterials for Imaging

·         Biocompatible nanomaterials

·         Polymeric nanocomposites

·         Techniques for characterization in nanotechnology

·         Advanced Nanomaterials

·         Nanomaterials for Diagnostics

·         Materials for Theranostics

·         Smart Polymer Nanoparticles

·         High Performance Coatings Materials

·         Nanostructured Hybrid Aerogel Insulation

·         Optical sensors

·         Hierarchical Nanomaterials for Structural Color

·         Metal Nanoparticle Enhanced Emission