Sameh Elmahdy

Title: SC - SBL Redirect Stem Cell growth by using Single Beam Laser and apply the appropriate condition s to produce modified cancer attacking gene


Author has completed his B.Ch (Bachelor of surgery and medicine) in November, 20 12 from Zigzag University school of medicine. Work as a "Teacher Assistant of Human Anatomy and Embryology" since 2014, Member of the national society of Human Anatomists. Researcher at stem cell unit and has man y researches related to treating cancer. Certified first aid trainer from Mansoura University since 2014. Speaker at many conferences especially the international conference titled “Stem Cell & Nano technology “held in 2014. Master degree in “Human anatomy and embryology" at Mansoura university school of medicine since 2016. Hold lELTS from British council since 2017.

Research Interest

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