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Materials Science 2020

With 12 universities offering research in Materials Science, London stands out the best place for Materials researchers to upgrade their skills in this arena of science and engineering. Materials Science organizers planned this event in London to show an opportunity to visit different universities to enhance their skills. Materials Science 2020 the conference is scheduled on September 22-24, 2020 with the theme “Evaluate the prominence in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology”.

Materials Science 2020 covers the latest research topics on Advanced Materials Characterization & Processing, Biomaterials and Ceramics, Computational Materials Science, Electronic Materials, Energy Materials, Heterogeneous Catalysis & Materials Chemistry, Integrated & Nano-Photonics, Materials for optics, sensors, coatings, fuel cells, Metals and Metallurgy, Micro-fabrication for MEMS applications, Modeling and Simulation, Nanofabrication and Nanosensors, Nanomaterials and  Composites processing and characterization, Nuclear Fuels, and Materials, Oxidation & Corrosion, Polymer Science and Smart Materials, Porous Materials, Surface Science and Engineering, Thin Film Solar Cells

Materials Science 2020 of Frontiers Meetings inviting proposals from the Materials Science researchers and nanotechnologists to take part in this conference to put forth your voice on an international platform to share your research. 

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